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What’s your return policy?

  • Items must be returned within 14 days from the shipping date shown on your invoice. 
  • There is no charge on size or style exchanges (other than shipping charges)
  • Any item submitted for return or exchange must be new, unworn, and in the condition you received it. If it has any stains, pet hair, an undesirable aroma- congratulations! You own it.
  • All sales are final on all custom items - we a ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT process returns, exchanges, or refunds on custom made or made-to-order clothing.
  • We charge a 20% restocking fee on items returned for a refund - no exceptions
  • No refunds on sale or promotional items
  • All sale and clearance items are final
  • Shipping charges are not refundable
  • We are not responsible for lost gift cards


How do you ship your items? Do you ship internationally?

All products and garb are shipped by USPS Priority (with tracking and insurance) unless otherwise requested. Most items ship out within 2 days of ordering, and should be received in 2-3 days depending on your location. Most of our clothing is made to ordering - please get in touch with us before your order if you have specific timing or delivery needs.
Yes, we ship worldwide! We will charge you a base shipping cost at the time of your order - if the actual shipping cost is higher, the cost may be charged for the additional postage due. We ship all international packages via USPS Priority post. You may request FedEx or DHL if needed - please put this in the “Comments” portion of your order and we’ll be in touch to go over options and collect any extra charges before shipping.

Do I need an appointment to visit your shop?

You don’t ever need an appointment to visit and browse our brick & mortar shop in downtown Austin. We have an ever evolving ready-to-wear line, along with everything a gentleman needs to be well dressed head to toe. Appointments are required for every custom garb order, fitting, and styling consultation, however. We’re a very small team and this is our way of ensuring that we can dedicate time to you.


Can you perform adjustments on this (garment that was not made by us)?

No - this is a service we reserve for our custom and ready-to-wear garments. We hope to offer this service in the future.


Do you do wedding parties?

Absolutely, and we look good doing it too. See our weddings page to see to see our work with our genuine gents.

How does custom garb work?

Custom and bespoke garb is our speciality. We have over 70,000 fabrics to choose from, years of styling expertise, and the best team of crafters in the world to get your garment made just right. Since we’re a very small team, custom garb requires an appointment - this way we can guarantee time to go over all your options and get you measured. We require a $100 deposit to make a suit appointment, which goes toward the cost of your garb when you order. Speaking of ordering, we cannot process your garb order without full payment up front - no exceptions.
Once your garments are complete, we’ll contact you to make a fitting appointment. Due to the handcrafted and individual nature of custom garb, your garments might not fit perfectly the first time - do not fret! Our in-house tailor will pin and adjust your garment for you. We make these same changes to your custom pattern (a blueprint to making clothes specifically for your body) so ordering future garb will require little to no adjustments.*
If you’re not a local customer, we will ship your items to you once they’re completed. Since we won’t be able to provide you with a fitting, if your garments need adjustments it will have to be done by a local tailor. In this case, we ask our non-local customers to provide us with head-to-toe pictures of them in their garments (front, back, and profile) along with any notes from the tailor so we can adjust their patterns accordingly. This way we can account for any errors in measurement on your pattern, and any future orders won’t need adjustment. These notes will be included with your order.


Do I have to pay for adjustments?

Something that sets us apart from other custom menswear houses is that we do not charge for adjustments up front - this is good news for you! Many retailers will bundle the cost of adjustments into their base prices whether you need it or not, bloating the cost of your bespoke suit. Bykowski Tailor & Garb/Dandy’s will only charge you for adjustments if your garments need them and will not exceed $100 as a courtesy to you. With the exceptions of weight gain/loss, or fine tuning you won't be on the hook for more than $100 in adjustment fees.


What is your turnaround for custom garb?

From the date of your order, custom garb can take 4-6 weeks to be completed. Once you factor in adjustment time and padding to allow for any potential errors in the production process, we prefer to have at least 8 weeks to take your garments from inception to finished. Especially if you have an event.


How far in advance should I plan my custom garb?

If you have a specific event in mind for your garb, we highly recommend you come in 3 months prior to your event. Due to the detailed and handcrafted nature of our process, mistakes can happen. This gives us enough time to fix any potential snags and ensure you’ll still look your best. Garments needed within 8 weeks out are subject to a 30% rush charge.


I’m visiting town. Can I order something custom without making an appointment? I leave tomorrow morning!

We often have visitors from out of town who want to order custom garb. If you travel to Austin frequently, we recommend you set up an appointment for your next visit - just let us know a couple weeks beforehand and we can schedule you. If you’re unable to come back anytime soon (greetings travellors!) please get in touch (via e-mail, phone, or in person) to let us know what you’re looking for. We’re unable to accommodate every last-minute request, but if you give us a day or two of notice we will do what we can to make room in our schedule for you.


I don’t live near Austin - what if the garb I ordered doesn’t fit?

First, please remember that we craft fitted suiting, so if you ordered a jacket or a vest, try them on with a fitted shirt. Baggy shirts and ill placed armholes will affect the fit and how you feel in your garb. Your garb may require adjustments - in house, most clients require at least one fitting. If you do require adjustments, please send us clear, straight on head-to-toe photos so we can assess the fit and decide how to proceed. Any local tailor should be able to take care of anything you need. After your adjustments, please have the tailor provide the details of what they did so we can adjust your pattern along with photos with adjusted fit. We'll include this information in your order as well. 


Can you make custom (insert name here)?

Indeed! Shirts, vests, jackets, trousers, knickers, shorts, bowties, neckties, hats, neckwear of all sorts including ascots - everything short of shoes and boots we can make for you custom from the ground up.


I ordered a custom ___ from you a month ago, and I haven’t heard from you - what gives?!

We do our best to let our customers know when they can expect their garb, but unfortunately we can’t always predict this with complete accuracy. Due to the hand-made and individual nature of custom work, there are occasionally delays. This can be due to all sorts of factors, everything from delays with fabric shipment to backed up orders. We do our very best to communicate when items are delayed and why, but if for whatever reason you’re in the dark about your garb then please get in touch: - and we’ll get back to you ASAP with an updated status on your order.


What’s the difference between custom, made to order, and ready to wear?

Custom clothing is where we build a garment and pattern customized for you from the ground up. For custom orders we need all your measurements - we prefer to take these ourselves, but if you can’t make it into our shop we have a measuring guide for you to give to your tailor. Because of the personal nature of custom clothing, we price these projects out on a case-by-case basis.
Made-to-order clothing are garments that have already been designed and sized according to patterns that we put together. While these garments are made when ordered, they are made according to our standard sizing and cannot be customized further. These garments will take on average 3-4 weeks to ship, occasionally more.
Ready-to-wear clothing are garments that have been already crafted according to sizing. Due to variance in body type, these are made to be adjusted. We have these garments in stock and ready to ship when purchased, but due to the scale of our operations we can normally maintain a smaller stock of garments in our Ready-To-Wear collections.