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Posted on October 16 2019

A lot of people think of vintage as a fancy word referring to used, second-hand clothes. Yet, that is not what it is. The term ‘vintage’ originated from wine terminology. Initially, in French, and then in English, the term denoted a year or the place in which high-quality wine was produced. Similarly, when you visit any vintage clothing stores online, you will see a clothing collection with high-quality and long-lasting value. The range will be the best of its kind.

Vintage clothing stores have become popular in the last 20 years and offer clothes from previous eras, mostly between 1920 and 1980. Clothing and fashion before this era are considered antiques.



Clothes produced years ago were made with care, love, and precision. There was an impressive sense of detailing with the use of high-quality materials. Most of it was made by hand.

Difference between Retro and Vintage

Retro and vintage clothing isn’t the same. They may have similarities but there are important differences that you must know of.

Vintage clothing refers to items that were made primarily in the 1920s. A piece can be called vintage if it was made 20 years before the present year. So, for instance, a dress made in 1999 is vintage in 2019.



Most people mistake calling a contemporary 1920s men fashion-inspired suit vintage because it has been purchased from a vintage clothing store. However, that is not right. Even if it has an old-style to it, it is not vintage because it was manufactured in the last 20 years.

Retro, on the other hand, relates to the style in which the clothing was produced. There is no time limitation.

Should you buy vintage clothing?

Recently, vintage clothing has become extremely popular and trendy. Of course, after Kim Kardashian wears a secondhand Azzedine Alaïa to Paris fashion week, many would like to copy and follow the fashion.

According to a study by Vogue, in 2018, 64% of women showed a willingness to purchase pre-owned pieces as compared to 45% in 2016. Estimates also suggest that by 2028, 13% of the clothes in a woman’s wardrobe are likely to be secondhand.

The most valuable pieces in vintage clothing are the unworn ones, especially if they still have their original tags. These are rare and highly appreciated by those who have a passion for vintage clothing and items.

In the eras of the past, there was more focus on quality instead of quantity. Production was limited and so every vintage piece today is outstanding, distinct, and rare. You can choose any one of them to look stunning and impressive.

Bykowski Tailor & Garb offers a wide range of vintage fashion and takes it to another level with its service of offering custom suits made in the USA. The range spans across clothing, headwear, footwear, grooming, neckwear, and grooming products.

Vintage clothing is way more than just old used clothes. These pieces come from a heritage clothing brand following a history, an art, and the stories of those who lived long before us.


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