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3-piece Suit & Gun Combo Deal



Any Three-piece  Tweed Made to measure Suit & Nickel 1911 .45Pistol. Yes that is correct! Bykowski Tailor now offers guns to go with your suit! What suit store in the world takes care of you like Bykowski Tailor? Over 300 fabric options to choose from for this suit and choose any style suit you you like on our website. 

Background check for the gun will apply in our local store and if you live our of state and need the gun shipped we will simply ship the gun to the FFL/ guns store of your choice to pick the gun up at and do the paperwork for it. 

If you do not live near our flagship store, we will have to send you our fabric options page via email as we do not have them all on the website because there are so many and they change every year.

Made to order in USA. Takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Express shipping is available.