About Us

Bykowski Tailor & Garb is a design house that creates stylish & timeless gentlemen's garb. We specialize in turn of the previous century inspired menswear while creating a plethora of classic/modern suiting, and provide all the accessories a gentleman requires to be properly outfitted from head to toe. Each piece in our collections is designed in-house and handcrafted by our small team of craftsmen.

We formed in 2009 when founders Christopher & Wendy were planning their nuptials and found their menswear options lacking. Where was all the selection? Where were the styles and fabrics that they fancied at an affordable price? Those questions blossomed into a pop-up shop named Dandy's: The Gentleman's Store". The modern haberdashery of our dreams became reality in 2011 when we opened up our brick & mortar retail shop in the heart of downtown Austin, TX.